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By • on October 17, 2012

Barack Obama is a War Criminal. In the real world, War

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Okay, This Must Be An Early April Fool’s Joke

By • on March 20, 2012

The world’s largest and most resilient BitTorrent site plans to redefine “cloud computing” with a plan to move at least some of its servers onto

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The Obama Regime

By • on March 6, 2012

You gotta give ‘em points for chutzpah. The U.S. government is legally justified

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Dear Barack Obama: Please Go Fuck Yourself Already

By • on December 19, 2011

I didn’t vote for the motherfucker. I found the motherfucker’s pre-election Hope-hype transparently bullshittable. I cackled long and loud

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Just When You Think Obama Couldn’t Possibly Be An Even Bigger Asshole…

By • on November 21, 2011

He goes and proves you wrong. Er, considering his is

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Some Kind Of Monster

By • on November 9, 2011

In his thoughtful column for the November 9 Seattle Times, Steve

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“If The Social Contract Is Broken, The People Must Revolt”

By • on July 2, 2011

Very highly recommended: Max Keiser, in an absolute tour de force of an interview with KPFA’s

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Fucking Hell

The world is lousy with dead journalists. But when it’s one of your personal favourites, it hits like a shot to the gut. Syed Saleem Shahzad, murdered

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A Collapse Primer In Recent Podcasts

There’ve been some quite informative and interesting podcasts of late with regards to the ongoing collapse of Industrial Civilisation. For the scientific background, we’ve got Charles Hall

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