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Primary ’13: Greg Nickels Has Risen from the Grave

By • on July 19, 2013

Seattle, we have a mayor problem. Among the races in the August 6 primary election — for which we present our endorsements here — the race

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November 24, 1885: Anna Louise Strong

By • on October 18, 2012

An undeniable icon in Seattle’s radical history, as well as that of the nation, Anna Louise Strong was born on the date in focus here in the uncannily-named

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Election 2012: Big Bird’s Revenge

By • on October 17, 2012

Welcome to the Eat The State! endorsements for the November 6 general election. This is our 17th year of picking endorsements for Seattle’s liberal,

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October 11, 1972: El Nacimiento del Centro de la Raza

By • on October 11, 2012

Seattle’s autumn of 1972 was reportedly one of the coldest in then-recent memory, which made the direct action described below all the more memorable.

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Faster, Pussy Riot! Foment! Foment!

By • on August 21, 2012

August 2012. In Russia, a band of anarchist woman pranksters has provoked a global conversation about the true meaning of the word “feminism.”

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August 13, 1936: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer Strike

By • on August 13, 2012

Seattle’s reputation as a pro-labor town has mostly been founded on the memory of the General Strike of 1919 and the WTO protests of 1999. But many

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July 29, 1968: About That Typewriter…

By • on July 29, 2012

In the heavy political weather of the summer of 1968, a war between the Seattle Police Department and the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party was

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July 1, 1963: Seattle’s First Civil Rights Sit-In

The “Seattle Way” is nothing new. In fact, our city government’s infamous penchant for processing potential legislation towards a slow, agonizing death dates back at least to the early

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Who Will Replace McDermott?

As yet another Congressional election approaches, many Seattle-area voters may once again be asking a question that’s likely been asked among local politicos many times in recent years: Who will

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June 1, 1961: “Block the Ditch”

What would Seattle look like today without Interstate 5 slicing straight through it? It’s all too easy these days to take for granted the concrete monstrosity that runs through the heart of our city,

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