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Reclaim Our History – Nov. 1-15

By • on November 1, 2013 at 4:41 pm

They Hate Us for Our Freedoms!

Nov. 1, 1872: Susan B. Anthony and sisters arrested for registering to vote. 1890: Mississippi enacts legislation requiring every would-be voter to pass a literacy test, effectively disenfranchising a large percentage of the state’s black electorate.

Nov. 2, 1917: Seventeen IWW members beaten, and tarred and feathered, by anti-union mob. Tulsa, Okla.

Nov. 3, 1903: Province of Panama, with the secret backing of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt and the New Panama Canal Company, secedes from Columbia. It was recognized by the US government three days later, and on Nov. 18, the new country granted the US a permanent and perpetual lease to the Canal Zone. 1979: Four members of the Communist Workers Party are murdered and eight others injured when their anti-Klan rally is attacked by Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Party thugs in Greensboro, NC. Two subsequent juries acquit the murderers, but a civil suit eventually results in a judgment against the city of Greensboro in 1985.

Nov. 5, 1855: Eugene Debs, US socialist anti-militarist, born, Terre Haute, Indiana. IWW founder, jailed seditionist, perennial presidential candidate who received a million votes as a socialist candidate in 1920 while in jail for opposing US entry into World War I. 1875: Susan B. Anthony and friends arrested for attempting to vote, Rochester, N.Y. 1916: Seven IWW union activists killed, scores wounded in Everett (Wash.) massacre when police attack a group of 280 picketers arriving on a ferry from Seattle. Seventy-four union members (!) are charged with murder in the incident; charges are later dropped.

Nov. 7, 1919: “Palmer’s Reign of Terror” begins: 3,000 anarchists imprisoned without bail, Ellis Island in New York harbor. 1967: General Hershey announces draft crackdown on deferred college students who are active in anti-war demos.

Nov. 8, 1960: Washington state voters refuse to repeal “Alien Land Law” provision of the state constitution barring Asians from owning property.

Nov. 9, 1917: Forty-one suffrage pickets arrested in front of White House.

Nov. 11, 1919: Centralia Massacre of IWW labor organizers. American Legion (armed “patriots”) attacks and destroys IWW labor hall, killing five; the upstanding citizens kidnap, torture, castrate, and lynch Wesley Everest, a WWI veteran and IWW organizer.

Nov. 13, 1922: US Supreme Court’s Ozawa decision says members of certain ethnic groups are not entitled to naturalized citizenship since they are clearly “not Caucasian.” The ruling came in the case of Takao Ozawa, whose citizenship application was denied in 1914. He arrived in the US in 1894, graduated from a Berkeley high school, and attended the University of California for three years. He then moved to Hawaii and worked for an American company, attended an American church, and sent his children to American schools.

Nov. 14, 1916: Margaret Sanger arrested for operating a birth control clinic. 1985: Ivan Boesky agrees to plead guilty to an unspecified criminal count, pay a $100 million fine, and return his ill-gotten Wall Street profits; he was barred for life (sort of) from trading securities

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