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By Thursten Rubbert Tirebinder III on March 5th, 2013 at 5:18 pm

Open Letter to ROP:

Ha-rumph ROP:

I see no ROP signs or copy saying end Obama’s Wars, Stop Obama’s Drone Murders, Stop Obama’s attacks on Social Security, Stop Obama’s suspension of the U.S. Contusions, Stop Obama’s persecution and prosecution of whistle blowers..

Those who voted for Obama voted for all of the above have the blood of innocent victims on their hands. The lack of signs point to Obama’s crimes against humanity show the extent of ROP’s hypocrisy.

What were appropriate signs about Bush are appropriate for Obama’s who has surpassed his predecessors crimes against people and the environment.

In the last few days, an Obama murder drone ended the lives of children herding goats. I can understand why the American People would not be concerned–the killed and maimed were not their children. However, one would think that the violent death of the goats would outrage PETA?

Obama when he was an agent of the Dailey/Penny Pritzker machine was evil.

U.S. Senator Obama who said that the banksters deserved to be bailed out, but people who lost their homes because they lost their shipped overseas jobs should not be helped because the ex-homeowners would continue to be irresponsible (evicted homeowners would not learn if not penalized)–Obama was evil.
Obama the micro-manager of the drone murders of children, their parents, friends, and any poor bastard who miss-happens to be in the vicinity of an Obama drone strike is evil.

The Obama who appointed the tourture and murder tzar to head the CIA, an ex-CEO of GE and the latest appointment of Wal Mart to his administration is continuing to be evil.

Until you liberal/progressive walking dead hold Obama responsible, he and the Congress don’t have to care. Your efforts amount to pissing in the wind. Obama is in his second term and the Congress folks will go back to their districts and get reelected and the corruption, as it has, will continue. Local efforts mean nothing in the face of the coming world wide environmental and public chaos that confronts us. You will discover the hard way that denial offers no protecction.

Romeny destroys lives by destroying companies. While Obama has the power to diversify. Among Obama’s methods designed to destroys the lives of the 99% is murderous drones:
On so called “Terror Tuesdays,” Two of the faces on the Obama’s drone murder baseball cards were teenaged children–one an American Citizen with the wrong father, the other a child with a camera documenting drone destruction. Obama ordered their drone murders (Documented by the NY Times and confirmed by Obama’s Press Secretary).

One might surmise, the lives of these drone murdered children are not worth consideration when voting because of their ethnicity–massively ironic.

Only a liberal zombie (see Hedges, “Death of the Liberal Class”) could vote for this monster, Obama. I call him 180 degree Obama because he says one thing and does the opposite. As a part of the Bush/Obama Administration, if one looks at the numbers, Obama is expeditiously the more effective evil than Bush.

Obama must be exposed for the sociopath he is and held responsible, or he has no reason to change.

I do not vote for men or women who destroy life no matter their method. I do not vote for so called lesser evil because so called lesser evil add up to more corruption and death.

I vote for candidtates who represent me not the 1%.

The best alternative was the best alternative candidate Jill Stein.

I voted Jill Stein for President.

Your inability to connect the dots, think out of the frame, will destroy us all in the end.

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