Reclaim Our History: Feb. 16-28

By • on February 24, 2013 10:26 pm

32 Forgotten Heroes

Feb. 16, 1833: Anastasio Aquino, indigenous rebellion leader, passes revolutionary laws in El Salvador.

Feb. 17, 1944: Italy: Anarchist, freedom fighter Pietro Bruzzi captured and shot by the fascists.

Feb. 18, 1847: Birth of Jean Baguet. French anarchist, sentenced in absentia to five years prison. 1887: Birth of Juan Peiro Belis, Barcelona. Spanish anarcho-syndicalist theorist and militant. Shot in 1942 for refusal to collaborate with the Franco government. 1916: Anarchist brothers Enrique and Ricardo Flora Magon arrested near Los Angeles, charged with mailing articles inciting “murder, arson, and treason.” 1959: Jacques Doubinsky dies. Ukrainian activist, betrayed by the Bolsheviks, arrested and tortured in Bulgaria, escaped to France.

Feb. 19, 1887: Eduard Douwes “Multatuli” Dekker, dies in Germany. Great Dutch anarchist writer/novelist. 1947: French anarcho-syndicalist Pierre Besnard dies. 1948: Joe Ettor, IWW organizer, dies. 1963: Ernest Armand, individualist anarchist, free love activist, dies. Jailed numerous times, including during WWI for advocating desertion.

Feb. 20, 1898: Birth of Anton Ciliga, philosopher, activist, anarchist. Active in the Russian Revolution. 1926: Jules Gustave Durand dies. Anarchist, revolutionary trade unionist, driven insane by 40 days in a straitjacket.

Feb. 21, 1934: Augusto Cesar Sandino, hero of Nicaraguan independence, and aides assassinated in Managua by Somoza’s National Guard.

Feb. 22, 1840: Birth of Ferdinand August Bebel, early German socialist leader. 1876: Birth of Gertrude Bonnin (Red Bird), Sioux activist. 1894: Marius Monfray dies in Lyons. French anarchist and trade unionist. 1900: Birth of Meridel LeSueur, writer about working-class women and justice seeker.

Feb. 23, 1899: Birth of Erich Kestner. German satirist/poet/novelist, whose military experiences made him a pacifist and an opponent of totalitarian systems. 1929: Arvo Vaara sentenced to six months in prison for article on illness of King of England.

Feb. 24, 1849: Birth of Nicolas Thomassin, Ardennes. French weaver, socialist, anarchist. 1982: Death of Lucien Tronchet, trade unionist, antifascist, abortion rights activist, antimilitarist advocate of co-operatives.

Feb. 25, 1892: Birth of Andre Soudy, Beaugency, Loiret. French anarchist illegalist, member of the Bonnot Gang. 1913: British feminist Emmeline Pankhurst accused in Surrey bombing plot. 1920: Arrest of Andrea Salsedo and Roberto Elia, anarchist editors, for “interrogation.” Salsedo murdered two weeks later by police. 1932: Pierre Lariviere dies. French anarchist, painter, and caricaturist. 1932: British volunteers Herbert Gray, Maude Royden, and Dick Sheppard organize nonviolent “Peace Army” to attempt to intervene in fighting in China.

Feb. 26, 1894: Jean Grave is charged for writing “La societe mourante et l’anarchie.” Sent to prison for two years and his book destroyed. 1926: French anarchist Georges Butaud (1868-1926) dies; founder of anarchist colonies and promoter of vegetarianism.

Feb. 27, 1872: Charlotte Ray graduates from Howard University’s law school as America’s first female African-American lawyer. 1876: Birth of anarchist Francois Segond Casteu, Nice, France. 1880: Birth of African American lesbian poet Angelina Weld Grimke.

Feb. 28, 1887: France: The anarchist thief and member of the “Panthers of Batignolles,” Clement Duval, has his death sentence commuted to life.

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