Reclaim Our History: July 16-31

By • on July 21, 2011 4:23 pm

What a Riot!

July 16, 1877: A wildcat strike of 30 railroad firemen in Martinsburg, WV, protesting wage cutbacks, escalates into two weeks of national worker rebellion against railroad industry and federal government. Riots kill dozens in Midwest and East Coast, strikers briefly seize city governments of Pittsburgh and St. Louis.

July 18, 1964: Riots break out in Harlem, New York, after police officer shoots unarmed black youth, in the first of a series of summer racial riots in Brooklyn, Rochester, Paterson, Elizabeth, Newark, Philadelphia and suburban Chicago. 1966: First of six days of black riots in Cleveland; riots also begin in Jacksonville, Florida, and east side of Oakland, Calif. 1997: In Mumbai, at least 8,000 low-caste Indians riot after a funeral for 10 children killed by police.

July 19, 1919: Race riots erupt in Washington, DC.

July 20, 1966: Several days of rioting begin in New York City. 1967: The first National Conference of Black Power opens in Newark, NJ. The four-day meeting is attended by 1,100 African-Americans. Meanwhile, a night of rioting occurs in Memphis, TN.

July 21, 1877: Militia in Pittsburgh kill 26 striking railroad workers; workers burn yards, drive troops from city, as what originally had been a wildcat strike by West Virginia railroard workers turns into a wave of nationwide strikes and confrontations with police.

July 23, 1877: Racist anti-Chinese riots begin in San Francisco; six killed.

1967: Start of seven days of rioting in Detroit, ultimately resulting in 40 dead, 2,000 wounded and 5,000 made homeless. 1968: Police kill seven in standoff with black nationalists in Cleveland, Ohio, triggering a day of riots and four more deaths.

July 24, 1967: Three days of rioting begin in Cambridge, Md., the site of a 1963 confrontation between civil rights demonstrators and white segregationists.

July 26, 1929: General strike in Rosario, Argentina is marked with “great violence and bloodshed.” 1968: Beginning of several days of student riots in Mexico City; police arrest over a thousand and kill dozens.

July 27, 1919: Racial violence erupts in Chicago when a black youth crossed an unseen color line at the 29th Street Beach and was drowned by rock-throwing whites. 28 eventually killed, 537 injured.

July 28, 1966: Riots break out in black sections of Baltimore.

July 29, 1968: Riots rock Seattle’s Central Area after a police raid on local Black Panther Party headquarters. Seattle BPP leader Aaron Dixon arrested for possession of a stolen typewriter. (He is later acquitted.) Sixty-nine are arrested in riots over the following three days.

July 30, 1866: Police shoot into an assembly of blacks outside Mechanics Institute in New Orleans, and crowd of whites then storms the hall. By the time federal troops restore order, 38 are dead and 136 wounded–almost all of them black. 1892: Carnegia steelworkers have shoot-out with police, Pa. 1967: Four die during riots in black sections of Milwaukee.

July 31, 1977: One person is killed in 60,000 strong demonstration against Super-Phenix nuclear reactor, Malville, France.

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