Reclaim Our History Oct. 16-31

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Viva la France!

Oct. 16, 1854: Jean Grave born. Important figure of the early French anarchist-communist movement; popularized the ideas of Kropotkin. 1906: Congress of the C.G.T. held. Charter of Amiens is adopted. Influenced by the anarchists, a massive majority calls for total independence of the trade unions from the political parties of the State.

Oct. 17, 1760: Birth of Henri Saint Simon, French utopian theorist. 1866: Birth of French anarchist Edmond Marpaux. Member of the “Ligue des Antipatriotes.” Sentenced to life in prison for killing a policeman despite his claims he did not do it. 1888: France: Birth of anarchist Maurice Halle. 1960: Birth of Thierry Maricourt, France. Poet, novelist, anarchist. 1961: Paris police massacre 200+ Algerians protesting police oppression and a curfew. In the previous three months over 30 Paris cops had been killed by the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN). In response, Paris police chief Maurice Papon ordered a violent crackdown on Paris’ Algerian community, granting protection to police against charges of excessive violence. Police searched the Algerian ghettos for FLN members, indiscriminately killing innocent Algerians, then turned their guns on a large group of protesters near the Seine River. Police release official death toll of three dead and 67 wounded, despite witnesses observing bodies littering the area and floating in the Seine.

Oct. 19, 1910: Death of Luigi Lucheni, found hanged in his cell. Anarchist adherent of “propaganda by the deed,” killed the imperatrice Elisabeth of Austria. 1993: Air France workers strike against layoffs; direct action closes airports.

Oct. 20, 1985: Libertarian songster Jean-Roger Caussimon dies.

Oct. 21, 1789: Martial Law imposed in France.

Oct. 22, 1851: French writer Joseph Dejacque sentenced to two years in prison for a volume of poetry, “Lazarennes: Socialist Fables and Poems.” Escaped to London. 1921: Birth of George Brassens, Sote, France. Anarchist, militant, nonconformist poet.

Oct. 23, 1734: Birth of French writer, early communist theorist Restif de la Brettone. Chronicler of the Street during the French Revolution, inventor of the term “communism.” 1885: Birth of Andre Lorulot, France. Free-thinker, individualist, lecturer, propagandist. Imprisoned in 1907 for inciting soldiers to revolt. 1894: Birth of Marcel Body, Limoges, France. Typographer. Joined the Bolshevik Revolution as a French soldier in Russia, becomes a citizen and in the diplomatic service in Norway with Alexandra Kollontan. Criticizing the drift of the Revolution, returned to France. Translated Lenin, Trotsky, and Bakunin. Thereafter wrote for the anarchist and pacifist press.

Oct. 25, 1862: Suicide of Ernest Coeurderoy, French writer, anarchistic socialist forced into exile because of his radical positions. 1936: Birth of Bernard Thomas, France. Libertarian journalist for “Canard Enchacno.”

Oct. 29, 1811: Birth of Louis Blanc, French revolutionist and historian. 1981: George Brassens, French anarchist poet/songster, dies.

Oct. 30, 1904: Birth of George Navel, France. Self-educated author, anarchist. Fought with C.N.T during Spanish Revolution of 1936. Lived for a time in a community anarcho-naturists.

Oct. 31, 1954: Algerian war of independence from France begins.

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