Rorschach Romney

By • on November 2, 2012 5:05 am

As anyone paying attention has noticed, the Romney campaign has taken positions both for and against anything they’ve determined that voters might be either for or against. They’re betting that more voters will be fooled by this Rorschach-on-an-Etch-a-Sketch strategy than will be turned off by the fact that he has not taken any consistent position on anything that matters to the future of the country.

Note that Romney has become extremely rich by making other high-stakes bets — especially when he has great “leverage” (read: gazillions of dollars) behind him. Given all the ways that the GOP and it’s ginormous money machine has been working to tip the scales on this election, it’s entirely too plausible that they could win this one.

It’s distressing to think that the future of the country may depend on the low-information voters who can be easily duped by seeing whatever they want to see in this Rorschach Romney. We’ll find out soon.

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