WikiLeaks strikes again

By • on November 28, 2010 2:24 pm

These guys deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously. They’ve done far more to shine a spotlight on the ugly practices of American (and allied Western) warmaking than any other institution in memory.

(They won’t get it, though. The Peace Prize goes primarily to plucky Third World democracy activists and to warmaking Western political leaders who provide counterintuitive paeans to peace.)

The latest – a document dump of some 250,000 US diplomatic dispatches – is a host of unsavory American practices that archivists will be burrowing through for years.

The thing is, while these revelations will set off all sorts of diplomatic crises for the US (and those heroic efforts, not the revelations themselves, will be the focus of lapdog US media attention), there’s really nothing unusual in them. This is undoubtably how the US has been conducting its foreign policy for years, in Republican and Democratic administrations alike: with arrogance, contempt for other countries, and with the assumption of a nearly unlimited authority to manipulate domestic affairs in other countries to the US’s liking. The previous sentence could easily describe the whole of America’s Cold War operations, and nothing’s changed since then.


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